After three years of development at Emil Adolff Plastic GmbH & Co KG in Reutlingen, Germany, QUADRO was presented for the first time by its inventors Hubert Georg and Doris Rüther at the International Toy Fair in 1979.

The first prototypes were already built in 1977/78 and tested in 16 German kindergartens, always in close cooperation with TÜV Germany. The results were very positive and led to the certification of the entire QUADRO system, although completely new territory for the TÜV.

In the middle of 1979 QUADRO became an independent family business and was no longer under the control of Emil Adolff Plastic. The new orientation is determined: QUADRO should not only be a product for one market, but a system for many markets in the entire leisure sector - for children and adults in the home and garden, indoors and outdoors.


Due to its extraordinary design, QUADRO wins the Product of the Year award in the field of plastic goods.

QUADRO continues to grow in small and large steps: miniQUADRO is developed and worldwide distribution picks up speed.


Innumerable inventions expand the product range, including air-filled tubes for rafts and various vehicle packages.

The QUADRO transmission and QUADRO Drive are ready for series production. The QUADRO garden furniture and the QUADRO exhibition displays are introduced.


As an absolute innovation, the curved slide and modular slide will be presented to a broad international audience. Like everything else from QUADRO, they have been developed as fully compatible units. A curved slide can be converted into a double slide with a modular slide or a modular slide with a second modular slide.

QUADRO becomes even more colourful. The four colours are now standard in every large modular system.

The Plexiglas panels are integrated into the QUADRO system and make greenhouses for children possible.

Besides, the desert suitability of QUADRO is tested at the Paris-Dakar Rally. ;-)


The QUADRO pool house wins the Product of the Year award for plastic goods. miniQUADRO gains even more independence and receives the claw plate for more unusual designs.


The QUADRO children's furniture range wins the Product of the Year award for plastic goods. In addition, trailers are developed that function as complete play mobiles.


A complete realignment of the company structure becomes necessary at the beginning of 2004. The further development, production and worldwide sales are now subject to the family company QUADRO DER GROSSBAUKASTEN GmbH.

Now in its second generation, the company is responsible worldwide for extremely consistent trademark protection, including patents, copyrights and other immaterial rights.

Our passion for innovation and new developments has resulted in the integral slide, which can be connected to any QUADRO climbing scaffold without screws.

The world's first model database for an indoor/outdoor climbing scaffold and multimedia CD-ROMs including a computer program are created.

Historical documents

The QUADRO Model Handbook from 1983

pdf, 14.2 MB

The QUADRO Model Handbook from 1994

pdf, 12.1 MB

The QUADRO Model Handbook from 2003

pdf, 14.3 MB


Since QUADRO’s inception, the basic system remains unchanged. However, through various new developments since 1979 to the present, the QUADRO play and sports equipment has been consistently expanded by countless new design possibilities.

QUADRO products from today's production can still be combined with the earlier products since 1979 without restrictions.

QUADRO is not a disposable toy or seasonal article. It is rather THE movement toy with which children can grow up, because it is well thought-out, stable and safe, but above all just as versatile and lively as your child.

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